Financial Controller

He is an Accountant and an Audit professional with 20 years’ work experience in Benin, France and Côte d’Ivoire.  He holds a B.Sc. in Bank Administration from UAC (Benin rep), and various Diploma in Account and Finance DEFC,DESCF of Paris’ Academy, and an MSC in Accounting and Finance from INTEC, Paris.

Mr. Ogounigni holds a Certificate for End of Internship of Accounting Expert delivered by the Order of the Expert compatible of France, Paris Region. He holds an End of Internship Certificate of Chartered Accountant delivered by France Chartered Accountant, Paris region.

In his most recent position, he served as Head, Audit for Non-Francophone Subsidiaries with Sunu Services (Côte d’Ivoire). He joined SUNU Assurances Nigeria Plc. in 2016 and serves as the Head, Risk Management and Control.