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Marine Hull Insurance

Marine Hull Insurance

This policy provides cover for ocean-going vessels against maritime risks which may endanger the crew, machinery, gear, or equipment normally used on the vessel while being used at sea or inland waters or in port, docks.

Benefits of Marine Hull Policy

We provide marine hull and machinery insurance for all types of ships and vessels and their equipment, including:

Marine Cargo Insurance

This class of insurance insures your imported goods/products in the course of the sea voyage (or air freight) from the country of origin until arrival in Nigeria against maritime risks and other contingencies including fire, breakages, war, strike, etc.

These categories of cover are available under this insurance namely:

The widest of the cover is Institute Cargo Clause “A” which covers the risk of physical loss of or damage to your insured property while being transported from anywhere in the world to Nigeria. The cover could be extended to include the risks of War, Strike, Riot, and Civil Commotion.


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